It’s not often that I talk about professional projects on this site (it’s a personal site, get it?). But it’s not often a designer gets a project like this. I don’t think I’ve ever had a project that allowed me to have this much fun. Not only did I get to have a major part in the conceptualization, but I got to illustrate, design and assemble a book, shoot and edit the commercial, and even do a little hand modeling.

It was tremendous fun. And it had the added benefit of making me feel really good about my work: Not only did it turn out really well, but I have a son who receives a book every month from this program.

The project is a fundraiser for the Knox County Public Library’s Imagination Library program. The project comprised of a one-page website, and a 30 second television spot. You can see the television spot below.

Fun fact: I’m wearing Amber’s concealer on my right hand, because I had cut myself really badly during the assembly of the actual book.

For more information or to make a donation, please visit Thanks!

Special Shoutouts go to:

One of the Best Clients in the World: Knox County Public Library

Amber for helping with the illustrations

Austin for writing the narration

HP Video for donating some after-hours time in the studio.

WATE and Comcast for donating the media time.

Chuck Morris for arranging the whole thing and letting me to do it.