On the eve of 2010, a look back on the decade. A lot of people like to look at how far technology has advanced or what they’ve accomplished at the end of a ten year cycle. I’ve decided to look back and think about some of the dumbest things I’ve said. Yes, I say at least 40 dumb things every day, but here are a few of the dumbest:

  • 2000. “I’m not getting married at 24.”
  • 2001. “An iPod? What is Apple thinking? They need to fix their OS, not mess around with MP3 players. That’s stupid; no one will buy that.”
  • 2002. “*Being There *was good, but I don’t see myself getting all excited and running out to buy a Wilco album the day it’s released.”
  • 2003. “Yeah, this house is small, but we’re not having kids so it’s okay.”
  • 2004. “Bush is gonna lose.”
  • 2005. “A free concert downtown every day? That’s too cool for Knoxville to sustain.”
  • 2006. “Look, I just got a cheap bike for commuting and a bit of excercise. I don’t want to mountain bike.”
  • 2007. “A kid? I don’t want a kid. I’ve never even held a baby.”
  • 2008. “I’ll never own an iMac.”
  • 2009. “A Snuggie? It really makes me sad to see someone spending so much money to advertise a product no one will buy.”

May this decade be less dumb.