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  1. 2013

    1. Switching from ExpressionEngine to Jekyll
      Now every article and post on this site is completely static and created with Jekyll. There is no CMS to maintain. No server requirements. No plugins to get working right. No caching. As simple as it gets. Here’s the how and why.
    2. Playmotion: Car Chase
      Nothing made sense to him, so I set my DSLR on my tripod and did a very simple test so I could show him.
    3. Quentin fans, meet Quintus
      A long time ago, in a world wide web far, far, away, I was a fresh-out-of-school graphic designer who wanted to learn how to build more advanced websites (I’m arguably still in this situation).
    4. Signing Out of Google
      I have always treated the internet as essentially public. Despite the privacy policies of websites I use, I make assumptions that any tweet, any Facebook post or comment, any entry on my blog or the like is completely public. This is a policy based upon equal parts common sense, paranoia and seeing friends find out the hard way that their tweets were not as private as they’d thought.
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