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  1. 2012

    1. On Honors
      I was once working on a photo project and was fumbling around an old shed when I heard a man yelling at his horse.
    2. Signing Out of Google
      I have always treated the internet as essentially public. Despite the privacy policies of websites I use, I make assumptions that any tweet, any Facebook post or comment, any entry on my blog or the like is completely public. This is a policy based upon equal parts common sense, paranoia and seeing friends find out the hard way that their tweets were not as private as they’d thought.
  2. 2011

    1. It’s THAT time of year
      Yes, yes. It’s the holidays. Which means that the internet is full of those saying how much they hate Christmas, or those posting photos of their recently decorated tree.
    2. A Quick Run Down of Today’s Headlines

      Whenever any big news item happens, I like to visit some of the major news websites.

    3. Sites that I Have Recently Enjoyed
      Recent selections.
    4. Still Paying Extra
      The thought of owning anything for a decade or more is odd.
    5. A Break
      There may one day be a resurrection of sorts. Until then, thanks for reading and see you soon.
  3. 2007

    1. Television News
      Each media seems to come with its own set of strengths and weaknesses.
    2. How to Enjoy the Holidays
      If you follow these five simple rules, you will undoubtedly enjoy the holidays.
    3. Design Basics Part 1: Understanding CMYK and RGB
      Part one of a new series: Explaining some of the “basic” concepts of design production.
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