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  1. 2013

    1. Arial Versus Helvetica for the Non-Designer
      I have heard precious little about what the actual differences in Arial and Helvetica are without going a bit overboard with design-speak. So this is my attempt to show the important differences in a way that anyone can understand.
    2. Craft
      The field of design is a trade and a craft. It’s applying a set of skills. There is no magic tied up in software that will do the work for you.
    3. Switching from ExpressionEngine to Jekyll
      Now every article and post on this site is completely static and created with Jekyll. There is no CMS to maintain. No server requirements. No plugins to get working right. No caching. As simple as it gets. Here’s the how and why.
    4. Tinkering with Computer Guts
      These days, tweaking or modifying my computer is downtime. It's lost time. It's lost money. And it's frustrating. My computer strategy these days is simple, buy a top-of-the-line computer, max it out in terms of hard drive space and RAM, and use it as long as possible.
    5. A Client’s Incomplete Guide to Dealing with a Design Project

      A lot of businesses from time to time need to employ the services of a designer.

    6. I’m so 2010
      There are a few reasons for this.
  2. 2010

    1. Opinionated Typefaces
      Be very careful in choosing a typeface. It is saying something.
    2. How to Take a Decent Photo
      If I say the word “dodge” and you think of ducking from a ball, this article is for you.
  3. 2008

    1. The Hall Calls: Volume 2
      What happens when your favorite artist goes mainstream? What happens when your favorite indy rock band that you used to see in a dive makes the big time? What happens when your favorite author gets into the Oprah Book Club?
    2. The Hall Calls: Volume 1
      H"unter S. Thompson, Ashlee Simpson, totalitarianism, art and the Boston Red Sox. All the important things in life must be discussed in the wee hours of the morning, over the phone, and in the haze of a creative rush. And Jackson Hall is always in a creative rush."
    3. Design Basics Part 3: Typography
      A very brief and basic introduction into typography.
    4. Design Basics Part 2: Understanding Color Management
      A very brief and basic introduction into color management. This article discusses what color management is, and where to get some more info.
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