John Gruber recently compared big screened cell phones to the Pepsi Challenge:

The thing with the Pepsi Challenge was that most people preferred (and prefer today) the taste of Coke over Pepsi, when drinking a full serving. But, when you only take a sip or two of each, people tend to prefer whichever is sweeter, and that was Pepsi.

With the release of the Google Nexus, I thought it timely to post my own analogy:

I compare the big versus small screen preference to Bicycle Seats.

When you hop on a hard bike saddle, it’s uncomfortable. If you hop on soft, cushy bicycle seat it feels comparatively great. However, if you ride for 20 miles on a soft saddle, you rub your hind quarters raw. Stiffer saddles are more comfortable in the long run. But who would think that just feeling of one in the store?