Whenever any big news item happens, I like to visit some of the major news websites. They will all be reporting the same thing, but it’s always interesting to me to see how they phrase their main headline and how they approach the subject.

As of noon, Eastern Standard Time, here are the headlines taken from the homepages:

NY Times: “G.O.P. Takes House as Voters Divide Power
Republicans Fall Short of Controlling Senate; Many Centrists Are Defeated”

CNN.com: “GOP soars to historic victories, falls short in Senate”


Christian Science Monitor: “Obama, GOP leaders face the press for election post-mortems”

NPR: “GOP Declares A New Morning In America”

The BBC: “Republicans to fight Obama agenda”

ABC News: “VOTE 2010: Shell-Shocked Dems Ready to Move On After Staggering Loss”

FoxNEWS: “Now What? After stunning GOP victory, Obama speaks today about the new balance of power.”