I’ve long said that there is no “secret” to succeeding in business. By “secret”, I mean an easy-to-use formula that will give you great success and will not require you to work too hard.

The best business advice one can ever receive does not involve following matrixes, cornering markets, grabbing low hanging fruit or any of the other things we so often hear. All businesses need a mantra. This should be yours: Give a damn.

I’m pretty sure I could expand this thought into a fifteen chapter business pep-talk and get it published by Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme-of-the-Week Publishers. I would give it a snappy four-word title, (of course, the four word title will be followed by a colon and a sentence that contains the words “how to”, “prosper” and “success”). Chapter four would be about how much damn should be given. Except that it most likely wouldn’t sell well, as this is not an easy mantra to implement.

Think about how you think about your customers/clients. If you’re not genuinely concerned about what you’re providing to them, you need to be. What do you do to show them how much you care?

But it doesn’t end with customer appreciation. You must apply this mantra also to your own work. Good enough never being good enough. All projects must end, but giving a damn about what you’re doing is what will make the difference in your work.

Also, I’m not talking about saying you give a damn. I’m talking about giving a damn. It doesn’t work when you fake it. You must truly care about your clients and your customers. You must really care about what you are doing.

Stop acting concerned. Start being concerned. Give a damn. You will succeed.