Quick! Take a look at this word in three different typefaces:


It’s the word Modern. It’s set in three different typefaces. As you look at the three different treatments, you can see the word in three different ways. You get a different emotional response from each.

If you’re reading this, I can assume you have a computer. If you have a computer, I can assume you have some publishing tools. Maybe all you have is a word processor, but you have the tools you need to select a font, and set some text.

A word to the wise: There are appropriate times to use a typeface. Every typeface has its own personality, its own beliefs, its own attitude. There is no neutral typeface. There is no such thing. All typefaces are highly opinionated. Some of them hate, hate, hate your business. Some of them hate, hate, hate your political flyer. All typefaces are talking. They are expressing themselves. They are quietly holding up your words and making your words be known. But they are not neutral. Typefaces (not just the words you are writing) are actually influencing what you are communicating.

Be very careful in choosing a typeface. It is saying something.