There could be better uses for this space. I think that these about me pages on websites are like ingredients lists on food packaging. Some time ago, we all agreed that they are necessary, but I don’t know why anyone would read them. Perhaps this page could be telling a story about a girl with magic sneakers who must conquer a mountain of mixed-up vampires who only drink strawberry syrup.

But until I have time to write that story, I suppose I’ll tell you my name is Michael Purdy and I do not like strawberry syrup. I spend my time making websites for a university and hopefully making them more accessible. I have marketing and design experience in many industries, including financial services, education, retail, hospitality, and education. After twelve years in small ad agencies, I made a move to higher education. I could not be happier.

I like to build things. I like to grow flowers and weeds. And I like to write–usually for this blog. The most recent thing I wrote for this blog was DeBord and Emory Gap Falls at Frozen Head State Park. Some day I hope to design some food packaging so I can sneak a fantasy story into the ingredients list.

About This Site

Sometimes making web sites for everyone means making sure the content is available in a variety of formats. So, if HTML isn’t working for you and you need it in XML, you got it. If you need it in JSON, you got that too.

If you find an accessibility problem with this site, I’d love to hear about it so I can make it better. Email me at

Under the Hood

The site is flat HTML that has been generated by Jekyll and hosted at GitHub. It was coded by hand, with love.

To contact the me, email