Michael Purdy is a designer and a web developer in Knoxville, Tennessee.

He has marketing experience in many industries including financial services, education, retail, hospitality and education. After twelve years in small ad agencies, he made the move to higher education. Currently, he serves as Senior Interactive Art Director for the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.

Now, About This Site

And let’s switch to the first person. All of the photos, drawings and writing on this site is produced by me. The site has gone through many changes over the years. It has gone from portfolio, to blog, to collection of photos, back to blog and then to whatever it is now. There is no theme to the content. There is no mission statement for the website. I am a graphic designer. This is my website.

Designer or a Web Developer?

Design is a skill and craft that can take years to acquire. With the field of design, there are many specialities. Designers design billboards, toothbrushes, wallpaper, books, websites and nearly anything else you can think of. Each specialty requires a unique set of tools. Mostly I design websites, so my primary tools are HTML and CSS.

I am a designer. Yes, I can implement a CMS. I’m pretty good with WordPress and ExpressionEngine. I have a good understanding of programming languages like HTML and CSS, as well as PHP.

If you’re still confused why a designer would bother talking about HTML or CSS, then fine, call me a developer. Just don’t call me a “creative.”

Under the hood.

The site is powered by Jekyll and hosted at Dreamhost. This site was coded by hand, with love. The hamburger tastes better when you kill the cow yourself.

To contact the me, email