Chipotle Stop Motion Commercial

I have read that Chipotle uses as much as possible local vegetables and “naturally raised” pork in its burritos. When I, however, think of Chipotle I think of “too much food” and “fake Mexican cuisine” and something far less flattering (think South Park satire).

Okay, so Knoxville only got a location about a year ago and I’ve not eaten there yet. My judgements are probably unfounded.

However, over the past few years the company has tried to fight that image and promote their “locally grown” take on fast-casual dining.

To that end, they have produced an awesome two-minute spot complete with Willie Nelson soundtrack and stop motion splendor. Willie Nelson + Stop Motion = I will post on my site.

Stop motion has been popping up everywhere in recent years, but this commercial stands out because the message is great (if not a bit hokey), the story-telling is compelling and the production is awesome. I am of course going to complain that Nelson is singing a cover of a Coldplay song, but that’s not what’s important.

The really cool part of this is, that the makers of the video (Nexus of London) have posted some production shots.

Via This is Colossal.