The Morning News Redesigns

For probably ten years, I have visited The Morning News on a regular basis. The editorial content is usually what I’m looking for: funny or interesting. The links to elsewhere (“headlines”, in The Morning News parlance) are usually what I’m looking for: funny or interesting.

The list of contributors reads like a list of people I admire: Jennifer Daniel, Clay Risen, Sarah Hepola and the like.

Beyond that, the design has always been to my philosophy: Content first, decoration later.

A brand new design from Jason Santa Maria, Trent Walton, Matthew Weinberg and Andrew Kaslick launches today. My first impression is that it looks good, but it’s very different from the old and it will take some getting used to on my part. The one thing that bugs me right off the bat is that the pull quotes in the article pages are orange, and this reads as “click me” to my eyes.

Interesting note: The site has (to my knowledge) been run on Movable Type for a very long time, but it appears with this redesign it’s now being run by Expression Engine. I’m guessing this based solely on the URL structure, so take this guess with a grain of salt.

UPDATE: Ha! I was right. The Morning News is now running Expression Engine.